#ShowYourWY Creative Challenge

Celebrate Wyoming Arts & Humanities Month on Instagram, Facebook, & LinkedIn!

Join us in honoring the creativity and cultural richness that define Wyoming—during Wyoming Arts & Humanities Month! Our social media campaign, #ShowYourWY, features daily themes throughout October, inviting you to showcase your artistic talents and the vibrant culture of our state.

For Visual Artists: Create and share your visual interpretations of each day’s theme.

For Songwriters & Poets: Craft songs/poems inspired by the daily themes and share snippets, lyrics, or text.

For 50-Word Short Story Writers: Compose micro-stories that encapsulate the essence of each theme.

Participate in the movement by sharing your art in any of these formats on your Facebook feed, Instagram grid, stories, and reels following the daily themes. Whether you post once or 31 times, you’re contributing to the celebration!

📜 Text List of Themes: Find the list of daily themes below to help plan your songwriting, 50-word short story, or visual art posts.

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Let’s embrace the diverse creativity of Wyoming’s arts and humanities and highlight the voices of all our communities. Be sure to tag us [@WyomingArts] as well as [@WyomingArtsCouncil], [@ThinkWY], and your local arts organizations in your posts, so everyone can join in the celebration!


2023 Creative Prompts for Songwriting (Poetry)

Crimson Sands and Endless Skies

 Write a song that explores the stark beauty and mystique of the Red Desert’s unique landscapes, wildlife, and the feeling of solitude that defines this remarkable place.

Wyoming Dreaming

 Write a song that reflects on the dreams and aspirations of Wyoming’s residents, past and present.

Historical Echoes

 Compose a song inspired by key moments in Wyoming’s history, recognizing the contributions of all communities.

Wyoming Waterways

 Write a song that celebrates the importance of Wyoming’s rivers and lakes, considering their significance to indigenous cultures.

Wyoming Sunrise

 Write a song that captures the beauty and serenity of a Wyoming sunrise.

Cowboys and Natives

 Compose a song that explores the shared history and cultures of Wyoming’s Native Americans and cowboys.

Wind River Blues

 Create a bluesy tune that reflects the spirit of the Wind River Range.

High Plains Lullaby

 Write a gentle lullaby inspired by the vast high plains of Wyoming, acknowledging the land’s original inhabitants.

Autumn in the Tetons

 Craft a song that celebrates the colors and magic of autumn in the Tetons.

Ghostly Melodies

 Create a song that explores the mystery of ghostly tales from Wyoming, incorporating indigenous perspectives.

Wyoming Wildlife Serenade

 Write a song that features the calls and sounds of Wyoming’s diverse wildlife.

Small Town Stories

 Compose a song that tells the story of life in a small Wyoming town.

Native Spirit

 Create a song that honors Wyoming’s Native American heritage and culture.

Wyoming Dreaming

 Write a song that reflects on the dreams and aspirations of Wyoming’s residents.

Saddle Up

 Create an upbeat tune about the thrill of horseback riding in Wyoming.

Open Range Blues

 Write a blues song that conveys the freedom of the open Wyoming range, recognizing its historical use by indigenous peoples.

Frontier Love Song

 Craft a romantic song set against the backdrop of Wyoming’s frontier history, incorporating diverse perspectives.

Cowboy Code

 Write a song that embodies the legendary cowboy code of honor and ethics.

Mountain Ballad

 Craft a heartfelt ballad inspired by Wyoming’s majestic mountain landscapes.

Wyoming Waterways

 Write a song that celebrates the importance of Wyoming’s rivers and lakes.

Ghost Town Melody

 Compose a haunting melody that captures the essence of a Wyoming ghost town, respecting the land’s history.

Wyoming Legends

 Write a song that tells the story of legendary figures from Wyoming, respecting the diversity of these narratives.

Wildflower Waltz

 Create a waltz that dances through fields of Wyoming’s wildflowers.

Western Skies

 Compose a song that celebrates the big, open skies of Wyoming.

Stars over the Bighorns

 Craft a song that reflects on stargazing in the Bighorn Mountains (or in your own back yard!).

Pioneer’s Journey

 Write a song that captures the hardships and triumphs of Wyoming’s pioneers, recognizing the land’s original inhabitants.

Rodeo Rhythm

 Craft an energetic song that captures the excitement of a Wyoming rodeo.

Wild Wyoming

 Write a song that highlights the importance of preserving Wyoming’s wilderness, respecting its indigenous ecological knowledge.

Wyoming Bluegrass

 Craft a song that celebrates the state’s musical heritage.

Rural Resilience

 Compose a song that reflects on the strength and resilience of rural Wyoming communities, acknowledging their diversity.

Artistic Legacy

 Create a song that honors the enduring artistic legacy of Wyoming, recognizing the contributions of all who call it home.

2023 Creative Prompts for 50-Word Short Stories

Writing a 50-word story, also known as a micro-story or flash fiction, requires concise storytelling and careful selection of words. Here are some instructions to help you craft a compelling 50-word story

  1. Choose a Theme or Idea. Start by selecting a clear theme, idea, or concept for your story. This will be the central focus of your narrative.
  2. Create a Strong Opening. Begin with a strong and engaging opening sentence that captures the reader’s attention and introduces the theme or conflict.
  3. Develop a Central Conflict. In such a short format, it’s essential to have a clear conflict or challenge that drives the story forward. This conflict should be related to your chosen theme.
  4. Limit the Number of Characters. Keep the number of characters to a minimum to avoid overcrowding your story. Focus on one or two characters at most.
  5. Use Vivid Imagery. Use descriptive language and vivid imagery to paint a clear picture of the setting, characters, and emotions in your reader’s mind.
  6. Show, Don’t Tell. Instead of telling the reader what’s happening, show it through actions, dialogues, and sensory details. This allows readers to engage with the story more deeply.
  7. Keep it Concise. Every word counts in a 50-word story, so be concise. Eliminate unnecessary words and descriptions while maintaining clarity.
  8. Build Tension or Emotion. Create tension or evoke emotions within your story, even within the limited word count. Make readers care about the outcome.
  9. Craft a Memorable Ending. Conclude your story with a satisfying or thought-provoking ending that leaves a lasting impression.
  10. Edit and Revise. After writing your initial draft, review and revise your story. Ensure that each word contributes to the narrative’s overall impact.
  11. Check Word Count. Verify that your story is exactly 50 words long. Counting words precisely is crucial in micro-fiction.
  12. Read Aloud. Read your story aloud to check for flow, rhythm, and any awkward phrasing.
  13. Seek Feedback. Share your story with others and seek feedback. Constructive input can help improve your storytelling.
  14. Practice. Writing micro-stories can be challenging, so practice regularly to improve your skills in brevity and storytelling.
  15. Experiment. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different themes, styles, and genres. Micro-fiction is a flexible format.

Remember that the beauty of a 50-word story lies in its brevity and the impact it can create in a short space. It’s a great exercise for honing your writing skills and telling a compelling story in a limited word count.

Cowboy Chronicles

 Write a story about a modern-day cowboy navigating the challenges of ranch life.

Wyoming’s Wildflowers

 Craft a tale inspired by the vibrant wildflowers that bloom across Wyoming’s landscapes.

Wind River Mysteries

 Tell a story set in the rugged beauty of the Wind River Range.

Historical Haunts

 Explore a historical Wyoming location with a ghostly twist.

The Art of Wildlife

 Write a story that delves into the world of Wyoming’s diverse wildlife.

Small-Town Dreams

 Create a narrative centered around life in a Wyoming small town.

Wyoming’s Literary Legends

 Pay tribute to a famous Wyoming writer or author in your story.

High Plains Poetry

 Craft a poetic 50-word story inspired by the vast high plains of Wyoming.

Cowboy Poetry

 Write a short cowboy poem that captures the spirit of the Old West.

Rural Resilience

 Share a story that highlights the resilience of Wyoming’s rural communities.

Native American Heritage

 Explore a story that honors Wyoming’s Native American heritage.

Wyoming Outlaws

 Create a tale about a notorious outlaw or bandit from Wyoming’s history.

Rodeo Reverie

 Write a story that immerses readers in the excitement of a Wyoming rodeo.

Mountain Moments

 Craft a narrative inspired by a memorable moment in Wyoming’s mountainous terrain.

Wyoming’s Music Scene

 Share a story about a musician or band making waves in Wyoming.

Western Wisdom

 Create a story that imparts a piece of wisdom from Wyoming’s unique culture, considering all of the distinct cultures in Wyoming.

Pioneer Spirit

 Write a story that honors the pioneering spirit of Wyoming’s early settlers and indigenous people.

Wyoming Ghost Town

 Explore the mystery and history of a Wyoming ghost town in your story.

Rancher’s Reflection

 Craft a story about a rancher reflecting on a lifetime spent in Wyoming.

Wyoming Geology

 Share a story that showcases the unique geological features of Wyoming.

Artistic Inspiration

 Write a story about an artist finding inspiration in Wyoming’s landscapes.

Historic Hikes

 Create a tale about an adventurous hike through a historic Wyoming trail.

Wyoming’s Firsts

 Explore the first achievements and milestones in Wyoming’s history.

Wyoming’s Waterways

 Craft a story that highlights the importance of Wyoming’s rivers and lakes.

Western Cuisine

 Write a narrative that celebrates the delicious flavors of Wyoming’s cuisine.

Frontier Medicine

 Share a story about the challenges and innovations in early Wyoming medicine.

Wyoming Stargazing

 Create a story inspired by the wonder of stargazing in Wyoming’s dark skies.

Cowboy Code

 Write a story about a character who lives by the unwritten cowboy code of honor.

Wyoming Wildlife Rescue

 Craft a narrative about a heartwarming wildlife rescue in Wyoming.

Wyoming’s Cultural Fusion

 Explore a story that celebrates the fusion of different cultures in Wyoming.

Artistic Legacy

 Write a story that reflects on the enduring artistic legacy of Wyoming.

2023 Creative Prompts for Visual Arts

Wyoming Starry Skies

 Celebrate the breathtaking rural night skies of Wyoming and the wonder of stargazing.

Isolation and Connection

 Create art that explores the paradox of feeling isolated in a hyper-connected world. What do solitude and togetherness look like in Wyoming?

Body Positivity

 Challenge unrealistic beauty standards and promote body positivity.

Digital Overload

 Depict the overwhelming nature of constant digital information and communication.

Wyoming Wilderness Landscapes

 Use your art to advocate for the preservation and sustainable use of Wyoming’s natural landscapes.

Wyoming Mental Landscapes

 Express emotions and experiences related to mental well-being in Wyoming’s rural communities.

Identity and Intersectionality

 Explore the complexities of personal identity and the intersections of different aspects of self.

Gender Roles in Wyoming Rural Life

 Examine the roles and expectations of genders in Wyoming’s rural communities.

Empathy and Compassion

 Illustrate acts of empathy, and compassion.

Alternative Realities

 Invent and illustrate alternative realities or parallel universes.

Acts of Kindness in Wyoming

 Illustrate acts of kindness, generosity, and neighborly support in Wyoming’s rural settings.


 Reflect on the challenges and concerns surrounding online security and privacy.

Political Discontent

 Create art that reflects the political climate, activism, or dissent.

Traditional Crafts of Wyoming

 Explore and celebrate the traditional crafts and skills unique to Wyoming.

Technological Evolution

 Visualize the rapid advancements in technology and their impact on society.

Artificial Intelligence

 Explore the implications of AI on our lives and society.

Digital Detox

 Reflect on the need for unplugging and finding balance in a digital age.

Rural Technology in Wyoming

 Explore the role of technology in Wyoming’s rural settings, such as farming equipment and internet access.

Rural Justice in Wyoming

 Create art that addresses issues like access to healthcare, education, and social justice in Wyoming’s rural areas.

Wyoming Rural Surrealism

 Combine Wyoming’s rural landscapes with surreal or dreamlike elements.

Migration and Wyoming Communities

 Address the experiences and challenges of migration globally and within Wyoming.

Climate Resilience in Wyoming

 Visualize the challenges and adaptations to climate change in Wyoming’s rural areas.

Seasonal Rhythms

 Explore the changing seasons and their impact on rural life in Wyoming.

Wyoming Country Wisdom

Depict the wisdom passed down through generations in Wyoming’s communities.

Self-Reflection in Wyoming’s Nature

Use your art to reflect on personal growth and self-discovery within the natural beauty of Wyoming’s rural surroundings.

Time Travel

Imagine what it would be like to travel through time and depict those scenes.

Nature Reimagined

Reinterpret the natural world in a fantastical or abstract way.

Wyoming Simplicity and Self-Sufficiency

Reflect on the value of a simpler and more self-sufficient rural lifestyle in Wyoming.

Future Cities

Design futuristic cityscapes or explore the concept of urbanization.

Gender Equality

Advocate for gender equality and challenge gender norms within Wyoming’s rural and remote context.

Aging in the Wyoming Countryside

Explore the beauty of aging gracefully in a rural context.