Tracking Statewide Arts & Culture Issues

With generous member support, WyAA tracks issues throughout the year to keep our educational programs and communications content current. Increasing legislative awareness enables Wyoming’s cultural champions to better identify critical opportunities to demonstrate the benefits of the arts and culture in Wyoming.

The State Legislature meets once a year in the first quarter to consider and pass legislation, including a budget. Then, throughout the rest of the year, new budgets and legislation are prepared for consideration in the following year.


When legislation involving the Wyoming arts and culture community is introduced, the Legislative Services Office makes those bills available online to the public. Introduced legislation that WyAA is tracking will be automatically posted below as it becomes available. Please use the form at the bottom of this page to contact us if there are any bills you’d like us to take a look at adding to this list.


In addition to the issues we are tracking above, we also automatically flag any new bills containing relevant keywords: “arts” “creative” “arts education” “arts funding” “film” “heritage” “creative economy” “creative” “artwork” “dance” “theatre” “theater” “symphony” “music” “museum” “cultural” “historic”.


2025-26 “Budget Book”

  • 001 Governor’s Office
    • 3600 Wyoming Innovative Partnership
  • 24 State Parks & Cultural Resources Agency
    • 0400 State Parks & Historic Sites Division
      • 0401 State Parks & Historic Sites Administration
    • 0200 Cultural Resources Division
      • 0201 Cultural Resources Administration
      • 0205 State Museum
      • 0215 Wyoming State Archeologist
      • 0216 Archeology Contracting
      • 0220 Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund
      • 0225 Historic Preservation Office
      • 0231 Wyoming Arts Council
      • 0240 Archives & Records Management
      • 0249 Digital Records Repository


Submit Statewide Arts & Cultural Issues

WyAA is an alliance of members, partners, and other entities. Join us in raising legislative awareness for all by letting us know if you’re tracking an issue we haven’t identified above.