Wyoming Innovation Partnership (WIP) announces a new program, “Investing in Wyoming’s Creative Economy,” aimed at supporting creative enterprises and building arts-related businesses.

Investing in Wyoming’s Creative Economy,” is a new state-funded program through Wyoming Innovation Partnership (WIP), aimed at supporting artists and creatives in building a sustainable art practice, starting an arts-related nonprofit, or building an arts-related business. Wyoming-based artists and creatives in any field—from visual arts, to music, to theater and dance, writing or interdisciplinary work—are invited to apply to participate in this exciting new program consisting of:

•  A skills and community-building workshop designed to guide you through the many approaches to reaching your goals and creating a foundation for unlimited artistic growth.
•  Assistance through mentorship and coaching from experts in diverse creative fields and in start-up business practices.
•  Access to resources and support that will help you sustain a creative life well beyond this program.
•   The opportunity to apply for funding for an arts-focused business start-up, nonprofit initiative, or arts-related enterprise.

This innovative arts startup accelerator, funded by Wyoming’s WIP initiative, helps creative individuals from all fields gain the skills needed to bring their practice to a new level or develop a viable business model rooted in creativity. This special program enables artists and creatives to master creative economy basics, solidify a plan, and even refine your pitch for a chance to win up to $25,000 in start-up funding.

The day-long workshops held in 5 different locations throughout the state will be led by Sharon Louden who is an internationally recognized artist, author, advocate for artists, community-builder, and leading voice in professional development for artists from all over the world.

Each workshop will include a period of instruction and discussion; a panel of creatives who will unpack how they built a sustainable art practice, nonprofit or business; and an introduction to the mentor/coaching program.

Following the workshops, participants will have access to a customized mentoring team of generous experts from across Wyoming and across the country, assembled to assist each participant in preparing to launch a new creative enterprise. Participants who choose to will also be invited to develop proposals that will make them eligible to join the “Creative Economy Start-up Challenge.”

The day-long workshops will be offered at the following locations/dates:

Laramie:  December 2, 2023, 8am – 5pm
(Deadline Passed)

Fort Washakie: March 9, 2024
(Apply by February 10)

Sheridan: March 16, 2024
(Apply by February 17)

Powell: March 23, 2024
(Apply by February 24)

Rock Springs, April 6, 2024
(Apply by March 9)

*Note: some workshops will provide virtual participation

Wyoming believes in and supports artists and creatives of all kinds, ages, and experiences, and individuals at all stages of artistic careers. This is an exceptional opportunity to not only adopt contemporary skills, but also to meet fellow innovators from across the state. From these gatherings in five different areas of Wyoming, we hope participants will create community, collaborate, and continue their efforts well beyond this initiative.

Attendees will be awarded a $500 honorarium to enable their participation in the day-long workshop, with additional funds available to cover transportation and lodging costs.

Find the application guidelines and apply at https://uwyo.startuptree.co/.