Creative Vitality Suite

Providing communities with arts-impact data

Measure the Impact of the Arts in Your Economy

Through a unique partnership between the Wyoming Arts Alliance and the Western States Arts Federation, Community Organization Members receive free access to WESTAF’s Cultural Vitality Suite . . an online tool providing national, high-quality creative economy data and reporting.

What is CVSuite?

The Creative Vitality™ Suite (CVSuite™) is an online creative sector data tool designed to measure the economic impact of the creative sector at the regional, state, and local levels. The CVSuite aggregates the most current, cleaned, and vetted data from national sources. Our creative economy data includes the number of jobs, earnings, revenues, wages, the concentration of jobs, and more. The tool also contains demographic data on race, ethnicity, and age for all geographic areas.

Use CVSuite to . .

Measure progress in your creative sector using current and historical data.

Analyze all classifications of workers, including the self-employed and extended proprietors, who are often difficult to identify.

Compare your region’s creative vitality to the nation and other peer regions. 

Gain insights on inclusivity, equity, and the age distribution in the creative workforce.

Customize the occupation and industry codes for a broad or detailed analysis on the cultural sector.

Demonstrate Economic Impact With Facts

CVSuite users can analyze the local creative sector to support a variety of research and conduct exploratory and comparative analyses. The results are quantifiable and accessible through downloadable reports and spreadsheets. With new insights, arts organizations can effectively advocate for funding, communicate the value of art and economic development partnerships, and measure the impacts of cultural development initiatives.

Be Smart With the Leading Data on the Creative Economy

The CVSuite works with economists and empirical data sources to provide the most detailed creative economy data available. Access 98 creative industry codes and 85 creative occupations for in-depth discipline analyses. Here are a few of our data sources: