One of the most powerful tools we have in advocating for the arts is information.  Whether the case we are trying to make is based upon statistics, narratives or anecdotes, the more knowledge and understanding we can foster, the more influence we have on decisions that are made which affect our work, our children, our communities and our lives.

This week, thanks to an arts educator in Lincoln County, Wyoming, the WyAA Board was introduced to a great site and program for arts education, the Turnaround Arts Initiative (TAI).

TAI is a public-private partnership that works to narrow the achievement gap among students and increase educational engagement through the arts.  The initiative is through the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities (Michelle Obama is the honorary chair), which makes it a great reference point and resource for advocates and supporting legislators.

On the website, educators, artists and advocates can read about the program, look at examples of pilot schools, and get lots of great information about arts education through extensive reports in the site's "Resource" section.

Whether you are looking for help in building a case for arts in the schools or looking for ideas to incorporate the arts for better student engagement, this is a site worth visiting.  The site's web address is: http://turnaroundarts.pcah.gov/

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