Resources for talking to policy makers

Lawmakers may ask whether government has a legitimate role to play in the arts, or may ask whether the arts should receive funds when so many other needs are pressing. The answer to both questions is yes. This document substantiates why the arts are a sound investment, helping states achieve both short-term and longterm policy goals.

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Wyoming specific data:

Wyoming’s creative economy is strong and thriving.  2011 data shows Wyoming ranked second to Colorado among western state’s creative economies.  Additionally, the western region of Wyoming is ranked 32% above the national average.

The creative economy in Wyoming is responsible for 8,249 jobs and $143 million in revenue.  The non-profit arts and arts active organizations are responsible for an additional $58 million in revenue.
Access Wyoming data on the creative economy here or contact the Wyoming Arts Council


Resources for art in education advocactes - making the case

Why Advocacy Matters: A Snapshot of Today’s Challenges for Arts Education
Arts Education continues to face serious challenges. Despite model programs, studies, and research that demonstrate the value of arts learning, national education policies and budget constraints continue to put arts education programs at risk of being reduced or eliminated.

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Encourage Creativity: Teach the Arts

This fun and insightful video is packed with facts and figures presented in a lighthearted yet downright serious manner. Natalie drops science on arts in education.

Test your knowledge and then send this to everyone you know. They’re bound to get a kick out of it while they learn the numbers.

encourage creativity facts figures

Find more at : http://www.americansforthearts.org/by-program/networks-and-councils/arts-education-network/tools-resources/encourage-creativity/encourage-creativity-videos

7 Leadership Skills Fostered in Arts Education

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article on arts education

Wyoming Arts Alliance

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