Before you vote – Prepare to vote smART!
Wyoming Arts Alliance 2014 Candidate Survey

Important federal, state and local races in Wyoming will be decided by voters in the November 4 General Election.

 Make sure you are one of those voters. This is your very important opportunity to make a difference in the future of our state.

Now is the time to prepare to make your decision about who you believe should be our next Governor, Secretary of State, and State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

We recently posed the following questions to all candidates for statewide offices and contested races in the House and Senate.

  • How could you, as an elected official, encourage the development of arts and culture resources in Wyoming?
  • How would you support arts education in and out of Wyoming K-12 schools?
  • What role do you think the arts play in building strong communities?
  • Please describe your personal participation and/or interest in arts and culture.

WyAA believes that supporting arts and culture through legislative means should be a bipartisan effort. Whether you are voting by absentee ballot or going to your polling place, be sure to vote smART this election.

See what the following candidates had to say by clicking on their name. Don’t see your district represented? Contact them before you vote to get their stand on the arts in Wyoming.

United States Senator
Mike Enzi
United States Representative
Cynthia Lummis
Richard Grayson
Matt Mead
Pete Gosar
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Mike Ceballos

Anthony “Edis” Allen, WY House District 37
Fred Baldwin, WY House District 18
Joyce Collins, WY House District 26
Gary Datus, WY House District 42
JoAnn Dayton, WY House District 17
Ken Esquibel, WY House District 41
Michele (Sherwood) Irwin, WY House District 18
Natalia Macker, WY House District 22
Bret McCoy, WY Senate District 15
Billy Montgomery, WY House District 31
Charles Pelkey, WY House District 45
Garry Piiparinen, WY House District 49
Pete Roitz, WY House District 19
Donna Roofe, WY House District 41
Mike Selmer, WY House District 46
Mary Throne, WY House District 11
Gaylan D. Wright Sr., WY House District 10

Locate your House District here http://redistricting.state.wy.us/planviewer/ViewPlan.aspx?plan=HEA%20number%208%20house

Locate your Senate District here http://redistricting.state.wy.us/planviewer/ViewPlan.aspx?plan=HEA%20number%208%20senate

*Survey responses have not been edited or altered

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