The Wyoming Art Alliance has two job postings available.

Contract Opportunity:  Operations Manager

 Job Description:

The Wyoming Arts Alliance seeks a part-time, Operations Manager to coordinate the affairs of the organization. This is a one-year contract position, renewable annually.  WyAA will offer $1,250/month, plus out- of-pocket expenses. The Operations Manager must be located in Cheyenne. The application period will close July 31, 2016.

The Operations Manager, with assistance from the Board, will be responsible for:

  • Daily Operations of the WyAA  office
  • Coordinating Arts Advocacy Day
  • Assist WyAA Board with relevant updates to WyAA Strategic Plan using input from Road Trip Manager’s organized community meetings
  • Managing Membership
  1. oConduct annual membership drive
  2. oRecommend and develop new member program services based on outcomes of strategic plan/road trip
  3. oDevelop and manage member recruitment efforts
  4. oEstablish process for identifying member needs
  • Assisting in identifying new development opportunities
  1. oGrants, foundations, individual donors
  • Maintaining consistent communication between Board and staff, Board and partners and Board and membership through
  1. oEmail
  2. oMailings
  3. oPhone Calls
  4. oPersonal Visits
  • Developing new legislative and member networks
  • Arranging Board Meetings and Workshops
  • Maintaining social media, website, list serves, and advocacy networks


          This position will require in-state travel, dependable technology and communications equipment, and proficiency with information management systems. The WyAA Operations Manager is expected to supply his/her own office infrastructure and transportation. WyAA will reimburse the Operations Manager for mileage, travel expenses, communications costs, office consumables, and other approved expenses unique to the WyAA operating environment.

For more information contact:

Steve Schrepferman at 307-899-6693

Please submit the following to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   on or before Friday July 15, 2016

  1. 1.a letter of application
  2. 2.current resume
  3. 3.3 Professional References
  4. 4.a sample of your writing ability as follows: 

Please write a sample press release that would introduce yourself as WYAA's new Operations Manager;  describe your previous skills, interest in the arts, and what you bring to this organization and it's statewide following.  For the sake of the press release we will pretend that you will start in this position on Aug 15.


Applicants interested in both the Operations Manager and Road Trip Project Manger positions may submit a single application.  Please indicate such interest in the letter of application.


Wyoming Arts Alliance Request for Proposals

A. Statement of Purpose

The Wyoming Arts Alliance (WyAA) seeks a consultant to facilitate a statewide needs assessment of local arts organizations served by WyAA and to develop a strategic plan taking into account information gathered from the needs assessment, national trends in statewide advocacy organizations, and leadership/board development.


B. Background Information

The Wyoming Arts Alliance was established in 1982 and serves as the only state-wide nonprofit arts organization and as such, focuses its efforts in three main areas: arts advocacy, arts education, and arts communication.

C. Tasks to be Accomplished

Task 1: Plan and complete five regional “road trips” across Wyoming to gain information about the art-related needs of communities in each region.

  1. 1.Work with the WyAA board to setup community town hall meetings and other gatherings that include artists, arts organizations, businesses, chambers of commerce, government agencies, economic development associations, and arts advocates.

1.1.           Timeline:  To be conducted during September and October 2016 as the candidate proposes.

1.2.           Outcome:   Collection of community arts needs across Wyoming based upon answers to a predetermined set of questions asked at each meeting.


Task 2: Research state advocacy organizations as well as state and regional arts organizations to gain information on structures and funding resources appropriate for Wyoming. Include the Western States Arts Federation, Wyoming Arts Council, National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, and State Arts Advocacy Network.

1.3.           Timeline: November 2016

1.4.           Outcome: A report containing information and organizational structures to consider in developing a new strategic plan for WyAA


Task 3: Based upon information gathered, create a strategic plan for WyAA

  1. 1.Plan should identify needs determined from the community gatherings, national trends, new structures, funding, and leadership/board development.

1.1.           Timeline: November-December 2016

1.2.           Outcome:  A new Strategic Plan for WyAA


Summary of Deliverables

All deliverables are due by the end of the period of performance.

1.   Five regional community gatherings completed

2.   List of Wyoming state arts needs from “road trips”

3.   Research into best structures for statewide advocacy organizations

4. Strategic Plan for WyAA including:  organizational structure, board/leadership, necessary funding, and potential funding resources.


D. Contract Details

This section provides details that a potential consultant would want to know up-front.

  • Period of Performance – August 15-Dec. 31, 2016
  • Payment – $20,000 plus mileage, per diem, and accommodations during the five regional gatherings.
  • Consultant will supply office infrastructure and transportation.
  • This is a contract position with an adjustable time frame for completion of the tasks required not to exceed December 31, 2016.


E. How to Submit a Proposal

Please submit the following no later than August 1, 2016 to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  1. 1.A letter of application that describes your ability to successfully complete the tasks outlined.
  2. 2.Current Resume
  3. 3.Three Professional References

We will hold interviews during August 1-15, 2016.. If you have questions, please contact Steve Schrepferman at the email listed above or call 307-899-6693.


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