Our great piano tuner, Neil Harris, arrived bright and early this morning to get our 1928 Steinway in concert condition.  I was here to let him in -- no small feat when you consider that I am a night person, and 7AM might as well be the crack of dawn for me!

As Neil worked on our gorgeous-and-newly-refurbished piano, I kept myself busy and alert by putting up student artwork we want to display during our conference.  We have samples from kindergarten through senior high school.  I got really caught up in watching the technique, conceptualization and skill improve through each grade all the way up to our high school students, whose work is talented far beyond what I or many other people could ever dream of doing.

I suddenly realized that this really is what it is all about, for WyAA and all the other community and state organizations represented at this conference: We are building life-long art lovers, enthusiasts and advocates.  We are teaching people of all ages to think creatively, to master large and small motor skills, to visualize, to imagine, to create, to produce.  It was overwhelming to consider how very privileged we all are to be immersed in something so valuable, so precious, so... relevant to the very quality of the lives we lead.

Oh, my.  I am SO looking forward to seeing you all here, to sharing ideas with you, to being inspired by you.  Welcome, welcome, welcome to the WyAA Annual Fall Conference.


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